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I may not know what is on the other side but I can still fly

Finding meaning, purpose, and wonder in your life is the key. That will change as you go through the stages of life!

Listening is an art form that takes time, effort, practice and self-awareness to cultivate. It is the ability to hear what is being said, both verbally and nonverbally, and process it deeply within. It requires being present and focused, actively engaging with the whole body and mind and then the therapist will know what questions to ask. Those questions will assist in opening the space for moments of clarity.

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Meet the Coach

Since 1998 I have been in private practice counseling and coaching clients in Jacksonville, Florida. Recently I have moved to the Asheville area of North Carolina. I am still working as a licensed Mental Health Counselor in Florida virtually, and by phone to life coach clients worldwide. 

The move has reenergized me. I still enjoy what I do and am passionate in helping others find meaning, purpose, and wonder in their lives. If you can do that you can find peace.

My coaching and counseling method is first listening. Listening is an art form and I am still developing my listening skills after all these years. I'm like an interactive, non-judgemental, confidential blackboard that will talk back. 


Next is looking at different choices, aspects, paths that you can take or maybe you just want to vent and for me to be quiet. It’s such a relief to open up and talk about whatever we have stored up. It takes a lot of energy to keep things bottled up or hidden. In my life I have reached out and sought therapy and guidance from other counselors at different times. It is hard to set up a meaningful practice if you are weighed down by the past and controlled by your ego. 


One of the methods I use is looking at whether this relationship, friendship, or job is worth the price of admission for you. Only you can determine that however I can point out different aspects that you may not be aware of which will assist you in making a choice. Also, understand that as adults the choices we have are not going to be perfect. That’s the harsh reality of adulting. I can assist you in releasing stored emotional trauma, fear, anxiety etc. 


There are multiple ways and tools that can be used depending on how you are wired. One of the reasons that I still enjoy what I do is that each person is different. For example when it comes to grief no one method works for everyone and each session may be different. We all grieve differently. The way we process anger and fear is different and changes at times in our lives. 


My client base is very diverse and I am proud of that. I enjoy working with someone who never has had any coaching or counseling or a client who is well experienced in therapy and coaching.

How I Work

Mental Health

Anger management

Behavioral issues

Emotional disturbance

Thinking disorders






Life Transitions


Coping Skills

Grief and Loss

Family conflict


Work/Life Balance

Career Transitions 

Personal Growth

Existential Crisis


Life Purpose




Stress Management



My coaching methods are diverse depending on the client. What they all have in common is assisting you in being able to have better control of your thoughts and emotions. If you can do that then you can start implementing a program, strategy, meditation, prayer, etc. If you feel like you're at a crossroads, that something's holding you back, or want more out of life, one-on-one sessions will assist you with finding clarity. We will work together to identify your goals, clarify the barriers in your way, and create a practical plan for a better future in a non-judgemental environment.

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Chris's Corner

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Contact me for help on your journey.

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