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  • During your first session I will listen and at times ask questions. You also are free to ask questions of me or the process’s I use.  Each client’s first session will be different depending on your personality and what you are going through. Just understand that confidentiality is assured. 

  • Yes, counseling and life coaching services are confidential. I understand that your privacy is essential, and take great care to protect it. The only exceptions to confidentiality are situations where there is a risk of harm to yourself or others.

  • The number of sessions you will need will depend on your individual needs and goals. Some clients find that they benefit from just a few sessions, while others prefer to work with me long-term. We will work with you to create a plan that meets your specific needs and goals.

  • The main difference between coaching and therapy is speed, education, advice, and accountability. Coaching takes time to gather all the relevant information, understand the client's perspective, and validate them. However, it does not just involve sitting and listening. Coaching involves interrupting negative thought patterns, exploring deeper feelings, and taking action in life. This requires the coach to interrupt the client at times, give new perspectives, and challenge them to act in a way that aligns with their values. The client should come into the sessions with questions and a clear agenda so that they can get to work.

  • You will notice that my google location is North Carolina, I recently moved from Florida.  If you live in the Asheville, North Carolina area we can meet in person at a location of our choosing or a phone/virtual session. If you are in Florida or anywhere else in the world we will do virtually over the phone, Zoom, or WhatsApp. 

  • I offer a sliding scale between $80-$160 per session. You decide what you can afford per session, I don't get into the details of your finances. As for payment methods, I accept credit card, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle.


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