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My Process

I am dedicated to inspiring transformation and helping each individual plot their own course in life. My focus is on helping them increase their self-awareness and connect with their unique passions so they can thrive in this immense world even though they may be feeling a disconnect. 

I approach each person differently and provide tailored guidance to suit their individual needs. I draw on my tremendous amount of life experience and the thousands of hours of sessions sitting with clients. I understand that not everyone wants to follow the same path and I aim to support those who are looking for something different in life. I will challenge you at times . We will develop a process specifically designed for you . I help you craft a life away from the herd into a life of meaning, purpose and wonder. I have dedicated my life to helping individuals navigate life’s challenges, identify their strengths, and work to develop the skills needed to work with their thoughts and emotions. 

​By going over the negative and positive implications of any decision, whether it be a job, a move, or a relationship, I guide clients to make informed choices on their own and process the implications with immense self-awareness. I always strive to take the time to explore the deeper issues of the circumstance, allowing you  to both recognize and internalize the learnings and lessons as you grow. With my support, you can make informed decisions and find tools to move forward into a life that is truly meaningful and fulfilling. 

**I offer a sliding scale between $80-$160 per session. You decide what you can afford per session, I don't get into the details of your finances. As for payment methods, I accept credit card, Venmo, PayPal, CashApp, and Zelle.

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Contact me for help on your journey.

(904) 476-5336
Mills River, North Carolina


How I Work

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